The 3D Modelling and CGI experts at HOBB work in tandem to deliver one-of-a-kind visualizations for a range of consumer experiences. We understand that you need visuals to be impactful, consumer-oriented, and sales-driven. At HOBB, our end-to-end digital process means we add another quality to these visuals and that is affordability. With us, you move from the traditional approach to product visualization to an innovative advanced approach wherein we don’t need physical access to your products. Just send us product images, objectives from product visuals, and ideas around visual settings and we do the rest. What’s more, your 3D product images can be reused across different CGI-driven consumer experiences and marketing campaigns. This brings costs and accelerates go-to- market.

3D Furniture Rendering service of living room with rugs.webp



If you want to maximize the potential of e-commerce for your business, white background photography is a must. While going through e-commerce sites, it is difficult to miss product images placed against a white background. This background looks clean, sophisticated, and impressive. More importantly, it showcases the products without any distraction. We use our product visualization expertise to place the 3D model of your product in a CGI-generated white background. The resultant visual impact can be experienced in tangible terms through improved product sales.


360 SPIN

We turn 3D product models into 360° product spins. Whether it’s a furniture piece, a consumer electronic, or something else, we leverage CGI to create photoreal spins that highlight product visuals and functionality from all angles. The viewers can also zoom in and out to visualize the product in great detail. This type of product visualization is important as it improves user engagement and drives informed decision-making. A 360-product spin delivers an immense value add for your sales efforts and we bring down its costs manifold as compared to traditional 360 spins. Reusable 3D images and CGI ensure you have different versions of 360 spins at lower costs. This is a win-win for your marketing and sales efforts.



We use CGI to liven up your products in lifestyle pictures. This is the kind of product visualization that is more stylish, yet more affordable. This is also the reason why some of the most reputed retailers and brands are using CGI product visualization to leverage lifestyle images, e-commerce stores, digital catalogs, and more. The very fact that this is an end-to-end digital process means you can customize the lifestyle images and compose them as you see fit. You don’t have to waste your marketing budgets on visuals that don’t cut ice with your customers. It is important to note that different customers will get impressed with different visualizations and that’s where 3D rendering from HOBB scores. By combining 3D photoreal product images with mesmerizing photoreal CGI lifestyle settings, we deliver sales-friendly and drool-worthy visuals.



Customers love product videos. They find these videos more engaging than going through textual product information. HOBB’s video specialists create amazing videos that are a step up in product visualization. Our experts use a combination of photoreal 3D assets and CGI to craft extremely engaging product videos for diverse use cases. Whether you want to showcase product functionality, or just offer product information or something else, we have the expertise to create videos that resonate with your target customers. These videos can be used across your marketing campaigns and channels. What’s more, our videos are characterized by shorter lead time, better affordability and great results.