Effective visualization sells. This in a nutshell is the belief that drives our efforts to create ROI-Driven 3D product visuals and CGI-backed virtual environments for a range of industries and their associated consumer-oriented use cases. HOBB’s full-stack of services includes 3D asset creation, Photoreal CGI, and AR & VR, which helps you create marketing-centric visual experiences across diverse channels.

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Highlight the design elements of a particular furniture piece, but also go a few notches higher. Present the realistic 3D model of your product in multiple settings that highlight product design, features, and functionality in the most impactful manner possible. Whether it’s a sofa that you place in multiple living room settings or a walkthrough of a bedroom with multiple furniture and décor options, our photoreal CGI delivers marketing visuals that make the necessary impact.



Create products and scenes in 3D for a visually appealing kitchen and bath image and video. Let your consumers have no doubt about how good their kitchen and bath can look with your products. Place photorealistic 3D images in a range of kitchen and bath settings, to fuel your marketing efforts and take your sales northwards. Our CGI artisans with deep industry experience create captivating CGI environments with pitch-perfect 3D product image placement, to drive product sales. 

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The competition in the consumer electronics and appliances space is tough. One of the ways you can differentiate yourself from competitors is by giving prospective consumers a user’s perspective of how it feels to use a gadget. Our 3D maestros place your appliance in engaging videos, inspirational CGI images, and even create AR and VR consumer experiences to showcase its efficacy and design. You get your hands on perfect low-cost marketing materials, that deliver tremendous ROI owing to enthralling CGI-driven visual experiences.



Marketing hardware or electrical tools or equipment can become a seamless exercise with our expertise in showcasing product mechanisms within the tool. This way your target users get an inside view of the hardware or electricals, perfectly understanding a feature set or product functionality. Our 3D modelers and CGI experts create product visualization, animations, and 3D Spins to spotlight product USPs, which have the capacity to boost your sales efforts.

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3D modeling of building materials and products for the outdoors offers ultra-realistic renderings of how your product will look when used in a particular setting. You can showcase your building exteriors to your clients in a way that makes a compelling impression, and wherein you can effectively highlight the qualities of your particular product. HOBB’s 3D models placed in diverse CGI-generated outdoor settings are not only beautiful but present your pitch in a manner that is attention-grabbing.



HOBB delivers perfectly crafted silos and spins of consumer goods, inspirational imagery, a walkthrough of CGI-crafted settings, and more to highlight the features and design quality of consumer goods. Choose a visual experience that you feel will help you market the product better and drive sales through the roof. And all this happens without you providing us with physical access to your product. This brings down your go-to-market costs as compared to a traditional photographic approach to marketing visual content creation.

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Showcasing sports' product designs through photorealistic rendering can up your marketing game. Create 3D models and leverage them across visual content that not only showcases the lifestyle aspect through still and video content but also specific key features and benefits through product functionality animations. Amplify your product visualization game with best-in-class 3D rendering.


A realistic walkthrough of a real estate project grabs instant attention and fuels customer engagement. Real estate companies can drive better client interactions and focused audience attention through CGI content, AR &  VR experiences of their projects. The result can be seen in the project inquiries and subsequent sales. We are now living in a world wherein your customer might find it difficult to visit sites in person. A virtual walkthrough of your property is not the next best thing but can be even better than a real deal. Our CGI craftsmen are adept at creating photoreal virtual real estate environments and 3D real estate renderings that make a mark. 

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