Videos are a great way of showcasing product functionality and visual appeal, to drive informed decision-making.

Just one problem. Videos are expensive. Not with HOBB. With us, you choose an innovative 3D and CGI-backed approach to video creation that delivers creative, high-quality videos that are more affordable, and impact-driven than traditional videos.


Our video creation starts with 3D asset creation wherein our experts create photoreal 3D images of your products that look absolutely amazing. No, we don’t need physical access to your products. All you need to do, is send in product images as per our specifications and we do the rest. These product models are then used in photoreal CGI videos created for different use cases. Whether you need explainer videos, functionality animation videos, how-to videos, educational videos or more, HOBB has got your covered. We give your imagination wings and ensure the videos that showcase your products create the necessary marketing impact and drive sales.


With HOBB, you work with a company that is on a mission to create high-quality visuals that achieve customer delight by adhering to stringent quality control protocols. Our 3D asset and CGI creators create immersive videos at lower content costs and which are completely purchase-oriented. Couple this with the benefit of reusability and shorter lead times and you have a video that delivers immense ROI.