CGI Architectural Visualization is a technique & art of creating digital models of buildings, spaces, and structures using 3D modeling and rendering them to achieve “Real Life Like “ images via powerful computing. Unlike blueprints and sketches, which can be difficult to decipher and visualize, a 3D rendering of the structure allows you to see a realistic model of the structure and can be viewed as either still images, three-dimensional views, or walk-through videos. This realistic view of the structure provides an opportunity to see details and proportions before any irreversible work is done. Architectural visualization is an ideal way to bring your vision to life whether it's for a project that has even begun or a structure that is already in place. Our team uses the latest CGI technology with a touch of human creativity and qualities to make an architectural environment photoreal.

Exterior Rendering of a house.webp
Interior Rendering of a living room made in 3D.webp


House of Blue Beans (HOBB), over the last few years, has developed many photorealistic inspirational images of places and objects leveraging specialized 3D software, an artistic and creative mindset and the right attitude towards understanding customers' requirements and stitching together renders that are not only photoreal but also impactful.


We have mastered our production pipeline processes, integrating them with state of the art tools and techniques to offer cutting edge 3D architectural visualization to help clients implement the best solutions that inspire consumers to make the key decisions


  • Creates emotive marketing materials even before the construction begins

  • Brings life to your vision with accurate and aesthetic exterior lighting and finishes

  • Enables customers to see the impact of your creation on the surroundings

  • Influences the audience for the sale of a prime location or a property or a service