Cutting Edge Architectural visualization at House of Blue Beans!


The creative technique of creating digital models of buildings, spaces and structures using 3D modelling methods and rendering them to achieve “Real Life Like “ images via powerful computing. Architectural visualization provides great options of tools and techniques to play with, from virtual reality-enabled tours to highly accurate verified views to support planning applications and unleashes the true potential of CGI based technique to make it accessible to anybody who can benefit from it.

From hi-tech skyscraper office/commercial building to a cosy Beach house to a beautiful urban villa/bungalow, 3D architectural visualization services will make it all possible to create the emotional effect and appeal in your customers' minds.


• Creates emotive marketing materials even before     the construction begins

• Brings life to your vision with accurate and                aesthetic exterior lighting and finishes

• Enables customers to see the impact of your            creation on the surroundings

• Influences the audience for the sale of a prime           location or a property or a service