We create visual content for marketing using state-of-the-art computer-generated imagery (CGI). We specialize in creating breathtakingly inspirational and photoreal images & videos. We do not get access to physical furniture products in most cases while creating photoreal 3D models

All you need to do is send product reference images, and dimensions as per the predefined specs. We create a furniture or decor model in 3D that perfectly represent your furniture or decor product in the virtual world. Keep in mind that this model can also be made Metaverse ready. Using this 3D model all types of visual content are created such as plain background furniture & decor images, 360 furniture spin, inspirational images & videos, product functionality videos, AR & VR experiences, and more showcasing your furniture & decor products in the best possible way.

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Work with our creative team remotely. Traveling to a physical PhotoStudio is not required.


Go live with stunning product visuals in under 2 weeks.


Produce creative briefs with our Creative team and scale your content pipeline.


Save 75% in cost by leveraging our content creation technology.


Reuse virtual photoshoot locations & 3D assets to create refreshing content across campaigns, seasons & channels at a marginal extra cost.


Be it a Summer afternoon scene at a beach house or a seasonal greeting with snow.. Create all of it with a click.


Create customer delight using high-quality content created with a stringent quality control protocol.


Visualization management system enabling collaborative content development and asset management.


Organically Futureproof for AR, VR & Metaverse through CGI.



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Director - Lowe’s Advertising services

These guys are great to work with and have a fantastic perspective on how to provide the thought leadership, technical expertise and value-focused service needed to build a high-quality and sustainable CGI workflow. This team is among the best I've ever worked with!


Our artists create photoreal 3D assets of furniture or décor products that are 100% accurate to real-world scale. We leverage technologically advanced processes to create photoreal 3D assets that look as real as real can be. Our process of not needing a physical sample reduces the time & cost associated with shipping and warehousing. What’s more! The same 3D asset can then be used to create stunning images, videos, and AR / VR experiences. The quality of our product models is such that each and every visual element of your furniture or décor item will be showcased in the most impactful manner possible.



The bare necessity to go to market with a furniture product is a set of white background silhouette images, showcasing the product from multiple angles. Your 3D furniture or décor asset is the focal point of attention here with zero distractions. If you want to sell your product in an online store, you will need to use such images to drive sales. Since we leverage the power of CGI the images can be rendered at any required angle. Close up shots and product detailed shots can also be created with ease.



Create a 360 degree product view by rendering the product from 24 angles. Customers can have a clearer understanding of what the product looks like with 360 view, thus giving shoppers more confidence about their product purchase. Again, all this happens without our CGI experts having access to the physical product. This is great if you don’t want your target customers to miss out on a product feature.



Want to showcase the benefits of your furniture or its visual appeal in a contextual setting? The best way of doing so is through lifestyle or inspirational images. Lifestyle or Inspirational content has now become a base requirement in the homes industry to help the customer visualize the product in context to the environment in which the product is supposed to be used in. At HOBB, we have perfected the art of creating CGI-driven lifestyle images with perfect 3D asset placement, photoreal quality, and art direction that is customized to your brand guidelines. We take product visualization to the next level, yet make it simpler for clients to bring inspirational content to life. So, whether it is highlighting the furniture or décor product in different color variations, dimensions, or showing shoppers how it looks when placed with other furniture or décor products, lifestyle images are perfectly positioned to create the necessary impact. The objective here is to showcase the product perfectly and ensure that each and every element in the space is accentuating the impact of your furniture or décor product.



At HOBB we specialize in being able to use 3D assets in a variety of CGI-driven visuals including animations that highlight the functional attributes of your furniture. All you need to do is tell us about the main product feature you want to highlight and we create inspirational animation that focuses viewer attention on the product’s advantages. Whether it is a multipurpose sofa, a décor item hung on the bedroom wall or something else, we can offer your target customer a drill-down on the product features that are informational, entertaining and impactful. Our functionality animations look good, offer immense value and have the capacity to boost sales.



What is the first thing that comes to your mind while thinking of product videos for your furniture or décor pieces? They take time to make. They are expensive. Storyboarding is difficult. With HOBB, a mix of 3D modeling and CGI ensures furniture videos are created quickly, affordably, and with far greater creativity than traditional videos. Whether it is product intro videos, how-to product videos, décor close-up videos, or product functionality videos, we have it all covered. We create videos that can be used across the length and breadth of diverse marketing efforts, and you don’t have to spend large budgets while doing so.



Create a simple yet contextual shopping experience that inspires customers through jaw-dropping content and also allows them to easily explore products in context to lifestyle environments. This is one of the better ways of delivering an immersive shopping experience as products are showcased in a vignette, which offers a better understanding of size & fitment. Shoppers won’t have to make any extra effort in visualizing what a chair, settee, or decorative lamp will look like if placed in their living room or bedroom. To top it all, this is a light web-based experience that allows easy integration into any existing web page. 



Think big when it comes to offering consumer-centric visual experiences. Traditional visual experiences might not attract millennials or generation Z to purchase your products. HOBB uses its CGI expertise and 3D modeling skillsets to blend photoreal imagery with creative sensory modifications and place your furniture and décor items in this setting. The result is a real-world augmented shopping experience, happening virtually. We are also experts in VR scenarios wherein we create a synthetic virtual environment that takes shoppers through the various furniture and décor options in an interactive manner. New-age shoppers demand cutting-edge shopping experiences. We help you deliver on their expectations.